Window Treatments

Window Coverings lend two important qualities to your home, these being function and beauty.

Update your space with some new Graber blinds. 

Successful Window Coverings bring a combination of style and décoration to a room that is appropriate both for the visual setting and the role of the room.

From a functional standpoint, Window Coverings not only shield prying eyes, but they protect your entire interior from harsh sunlight, which can not only fade your lovely furniture, but also increase your energy bills by making cooling systems less efficient during the summer months. In the winter months they may serve as insulation to help prevent heating bills from escalating during these colder months.

From a beauty standpoint, Window Coverings are the means to create the perfect atmosphere for any room in your home. Whether you are seeking a formal, casual or a casually elegant feeling… the designers at Briarcliff Interiors will help you select treatments to achieve the feeling you desire.

New products from Graber

Briarcliff Interiors offers the most current selection for product design including:

  • Custom designs tailored for the personal décor of your room
  • Decorative hardware in brass, wood, iron or custom finishes
  • Complementing wood, wrought iron, or crystal finial selections
  • Blinds, wood blinds shutters, duettes, shades verticles, silhouettes, luminettes, pleated shades and vignettes
  • Beautiful decorative trims, beadings, crystals and tie-backs


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